Slotter - Slotting knives -

Discover all our special parts for the slotting unit

  • Slotting knives with DTC serration
  • Slotting knives with DTK serration
  • Serrated tip suitable for all slotting knives
  • Special production as per your requirements, at competitive price

LCP system for lap cut

Most of your have to face the issue of the lap which remains sticked to the main board. Our R&D team is very active on this topic and proposes a simple, but very efficient solution.

Our LCP system is unique, and allows you to get better quality board, with no more sticked laps on it as the lap is systematically cut and ejected.

The LCP sytem is suitable for all slotting machines and brings you a better productivity.

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Beam slot knives

Beam slotting knives for Goepfert machines SRE Mini, SRE Maxi 250 & 280. We also produce knives for makes Roda, Jurine, etc...

We offer all knives and counter knives for these machines

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Slotting knife - DTC serration -

Slotting knives - DTC serration - 

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Slotting knife - DTK serration -

Slotting knives - DTK serration -

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