Slotting section

The wear of the cutting tools is of course an important key for the cut quality. Other criterions have to be taken into account like the supporting heads, the guiding system.

TECHNICARTON's technical team helps you to find the weaknesses of your slotting unit and to find solutions to improve the quality of your machine with specially developped parts.

FeederMore details

Find all the equipment you need for your feeder:

- Belts

- Suction grits,slides, pads

- Rollers

- Kickers


SlotsMore details

We master the whole production of our cutting tools with the best materials, treatments and with the tightest tolerances so that the plays are minimized and you get the best cut quality


Stitch lap cutMore details

We supply all the components as spares or assembled

We can transform your non absorbed systems to a more efficient absorbed system which ameliorated the lap cut but also preserves the life time of the peripherical parts

Stitch lap block system


Trim knivesMore details

Trim knives with standard or special thin profile.

For an optimized trim cut, choose our spring loaded system for a constent pressure between both upper and lower knives. Available on most of slotting machines.


ScoringMore details

Special heat treated scoring ring with multilevel profile to minimize the risk 1st sheet rips


HeadsMore details



GuidesMore details

  • Molybdenum guides
  • Guides with wearing pads
  • Switch from/to molybdenum guides

Pull rollsMore details

Pull rolls