Stitch lap cut

We supply all the components as spares or assembled

We can transform your non absorbed systems to a more efficient absorbed system which ameliorated the lap cut but also preserves the life time of the peripherical parts

Stitch lap block system

Lap knives

From regular OEM lap knives to enhanced one, we can offer any lap knives for your stitch flap block system. Our large stock helps you out to keep control on your stock level



Anvils as per OEM specifications or on request for special needs. Most of them are on stock in our large warehouse.


LCP system for lap cut

Most of your have to face the issue of the lap which remains sticked to the main board. Our R&D team is very active on this topic and proposes a simple, but very efficient solution.

Our LCP system is unique, and allows you to get better quality board, with no more sticked laps on it as the lap is systematically cut and ejected.

The LCP sytem is suitable for all slotting machines and brings you a better productivity.

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Innovation Technicarton

Following our continuous technical development, we offer you our new automatic lap cutting system. Efficient, efficient in all situations, this new automatic lap cutting system will provide you  optimal comfort of use, without adjustment, with a durability still unknown on the market.

- Adaptable to all FFGs formates, from Miniline to Jumbo models, and for simple and double pairs of shafts

- Already developed for MARTIN 616-718-618-924-1224-1228-924NT-1228NT, EMBA, KLETT/CURIONI, LANGSTON, PIEMONTE, DONG FANG, WEI PONG and others

- Quick and easy installation in place of on-machine systems - no retrofit required

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Lap cutting systems

All the components of the regular stitch lap systems are in our product range. this way, we can propose shoes, levers, flanges, absorbers, lap knives (with different heights), etc... Most of them are on stock


Upgraded stitch lap systems

For your non absorbed stitch flap systems, we offer upgrades with a switch to absorbed system. We have developed this improvement on many machines: Cartec, Emba, Gandossi Fossati, Goepfert, Isowa, JS Machinery, Jurine, Klett, Langston, Martin, Rapidex, Texo, etc...

The main advantages are the cut quality with a modern well set system and also the reliability of the peripheral parts which are less stressed with our soft system. 

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SHOK BLOK system for a better lap cut 

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